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  • Pinched Nerves
    A pinched nerve can occur any time the root of a nerve experiences pressure from nearby bones, cartilage, muscles, or other tissues. For example, as we age, the cushioning between Read more
  • PacificSport Disburses $10,000 to Vancouver Island Athletes!
    May 4, 2015 (Nanaimo): 20 of Vancouver Island’s high performance athletes received over $12,000 in bursaries; including $10,000 from PacificSport and an additional $2,000 from Woodgrove Pines Clinic, at a ceremony Read more
  • The Clinic "Lights Up" for the Holiday Season!
    Drop by and have a look! Read more
  • 4 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain
    4 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain Pain in the lower back is a common health complaint, and it can be caused by a number of things -- and sometimes Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Sports Chiropractic Care
    5 Benefits of Sports Chiropractic Care As an athlete, you know how vital good health is to your game. If you’re out of shape or your musculoskeletal system is out of Read more
  • Fibromyalgia
    Fibromyalgia With more than 3 million reported cases in the United States, fibromyalgia is a prevalent health condition that manifests in pain all throughout the body. It is often accompanied Read more
  • Pacific Sport VI Athletes Receive Bursaries!
    20 of Vancouver Island’s high performance athletes received over $12,000 in bursaries; including $10,000 from PacificSport and an additional $2,000 from Woodgrove Pines Clinic, at a ceremony on Thursday May Read more
  • Active Release Therapy and the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon!
    Despite Dr. Stacey Scott's great showing in today's Tinkerbell Half-Marathon, it's also important to note that Dr. Scott had a foot injury a few weeks back; it was a subluxated Read more
  • 2010 Olympic Memories
    As I am watching the closing ceremonies of this year’s Olympics in Sochi I am almost surprised at how deeply it stirs my own memories of my experience in the Read more
  • Celebrating Valentine's Day at the Clinic!
    Celebrating Valentine's Day at the Clinic with The Tidesmen Barbershop Quartet. Thank you Gentlemen! It was a pleasure to have you serenade our staff and our patients! Read more
  • Check Out Our New Health Club at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic
    Check Out Our New Health Club at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic Woodgrove Pines Health Club provides you with access to the best level of fitness and health improvement available. We've created Read more
  • Dr. Scott and the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon!
    It's the stuff dreams are made of – sprinkled with a whimsical dose of pixie dust! Dr. Stacey Scott and her daughter Kyra earned "their wings" early this morning by Read more
  • Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?
    You may have heard that researchers are coining the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. We all know smoking is bad for our health, really bad. We are ingrained with the Read more
  • Dr. Stacey Scott at the Pan Am Games 2015!
    One of the Pan Am Games liveliest venues “Spiked” into action today with three preliminary Beach Volleyball sessions. The pics below capture Dr. Stacey Scott on hand at the 2015 Read more
  • Happy Canada Day!
    Hey, is that our own Dr. Derek Brown and family on the front page of the Nanaimo News Bulletin? Yep. The same Dr. Brown who was a star participant in Read more
  • Woodgrove Pines Roadrunners Ball Hockey Tournament!
    The Woodgrove Pines Roadrunners will be hosting an outdoor ball hockey tournament on May 30/31, 2015. The tournament will be held in Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Centennial Park (behind the 7-Eleven Read more
  • Shoulder Pain Treatment
    Shoulder Pain Treatment Shoulder pain can impact day to day activities and can be difficult to manage. Understanding what is causing shoulder pain can help with treatment. Below, let's take a Read more
  • Is Cold Laser Therapy Right for You?
    Laser Therapy If aches and pains are hindering your ability to enjoy everyday life, Woodgrove Pines Clinic located in north Nanaimo has a variety of techniques, including laser therapy, to help Read more
  • Workplace Ergonomics
    Our Chiropractor in Nanaimo Explains Proper Workplace Ergonomics At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, our Nanaimo chiropractor is here to assist you on your journey to improved health and wellness. One thing Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Pain
    Common Questions About Neck Pain Relief Answered by our Nanaimo Chiropractor Many people suffer from chronic or sporadic neck pain. Seeing our chiropractor in Nanaimo here at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic Read more
  • Back Pain Relief FAQs Answered by Our Chiropractors in Nanaimo, BC
    Back Pain Relief FAQs Answered by Our Chiropractors in Nanaimo, BCWhen you have pain, you want to take measures to address the discomfort. At the Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, our Read more
  • When Should You See Our Nanaimo, BC Chiropractor?
    When Should You See Our Nanaimo, BC Chiropractor?Anybody suffering from acute or chronic pain should consider professional care. At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, our Nanaimo chiropractor and a team of Read more
  • ​Physiotherapy in Nanaimo
    Physiotherapy in Nanaimo Physiotherapy, also known physical therapy or PT, is a form of therapy that hopes to improve a patient's physical state. This is accomplished through exercise, manual and electrotherapy. Read more
  • Injury Prevention with Chiropractic Care
    Injury Prevention with Chiropractic Care in Nanaimo At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, we're proud to offer a high standard of chiropractic care in Nanaimo and the surrounding areas. If you're an Read more
  • ​3 Effective Tips for Relieving Lower Back Pain
    3 Effective Tips for Relieving Lower Back Pain from our Nanaimo Chiropractor Lower back pain makes nearly every activity impossible to enjoy without painful flare-ups occurring. You may struggle to maintain Read more
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture
    Acupuncture FAQ's in Nanaimo As your trusted Chiropractor in Nanaimo, our friendly and experienced doctors and professional staff are dedicated to offering a wide range of holistic healing services to patients Read more
  • XBody EMS Training
    Our Full-Service Health Club in Nanaimo Now Offers XBody EMS Training At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic, our team is constantly looking for ways to bring the best of what current technology has to offer Read more
  • ​How Do You Heal from a Concussion?
    How Do You Heal from a Concussion? If you suffer a blow to the head during a sports impact, automotive collision or other traumatic event, a concussion, or mild traumatic brain Read more
  • 10 heart health facts every woman should know
    Note: Article taken from the Canadian Chiropractor website, located HERE. Nearly every minute, a woman dies from heart disease in the United States – it is the number one killer of Read more
  • Woodgrove Pines Clinic and Golf for Life at Fairwinds!
    Woodgrove Pines Clinic participated in the Nanaimo Hospital Foundation's "Golf for Life" tournament held at Fairwinds Golf Course in an effort to help raise funds to purchase equipment for two Read more
  • What is the Chiropractic Adjustment Like?
    If you have never experienced an adjustment before it is perfectly normal to feel nervous at first. You don't have to live with the pain. Our Chiropractors can help you Read more
  • Halloween Fun at Woodgrove Pines Clinic
    Happy Halloween to all!Please see video here https://youtu.be/Q0VbGpbXk_M Read more
  • Safe Lifting Techniques
    Great little video indicating incorrect posture and proper posture when lifting. Have a look!Please see video here: https://youtu.be/U0t06j1kOfE Read more
  • 7 Weird Reasons Your Back Hurts
    Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to research published earlier this year. (Photo by Roger Harris/Science Photo Library/Corbis)Some causes of back pain are obvious: You Read more
  • Are You Primed for Life?
    New to Woodgrove Pines Clinic and The Downstairs!Prime Adult Functional Fitness = Full access to 'The Downstairs' gym facility housing brand new state of the art gym equipment, PLUS classes Read more
  • Do You Want to Change How You Think and Feel About Yourself?
    CONNECTIONS is an 8 week program that provides reassuring guidelines and activities on how to:Identify & move through difficult emotions that may hold us backConsider our worlds how we are Read more
    Here's an awesome GLUTEN FREE APPLE CRISP recipe we'd like to share with you courtesy of Dr. Scott's patient Steve Beynon. Thank you Steve!Gluten Free Apple CrispIngredientsApple mixture4 large or Read more
  • Laser and Rocktape for the Swimmer!
    Swimming season is here (almost)! See how our clinic can treat common swimming injuries with LightForce Laser Therapy and RockTape!Please see video here: https://youtu.be/EkHQY4MkDSs?list=PLh_STLgy0oTPPPuczg-VHUk88W9T8SUFvLaser therapy is the non-invasive use of Read more
  • Woodgrove Pines Clinic Ice Bucket Challenges!
    Watch our own Dr. Brittany Filipetti and Dr. Stacey Scott take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! For more information on ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), please visit Read more
  • Woodgrove Pines Clinic Golfing at Cottonwood!
    Slideshow of the Woodgrove Pines Clinic golf team from the Annual Golf Tournament for the Nanaimo Women's Business Network, held at the Cottonwood Golf Course. A special thank you to Read more
  • Exercise Smarter with the Talk Test
    I've been getting some questions about my previous blog post "Regular Exercise: it doesn't have to be hard!". Specifically, folks seem genuinely confused on just how hard you have to Read more
  • Wellness Done Right!
    Don't like visiting your doctor too often?? Turns out it takes more than just an apple a day, but thankfully not too much more! It is no secret that exercising Read more
  • Halloween Fun at the Clinic!
    Our awesome front desk staff!... with Dr. Neilson!And of course our Chiropractors giving a special Halloween Adjustment!Happy Halloween to all! Read more
  • Dr. Neilson Finishes First at Cowichan Triathlon!
    Congratulations Dr. Stacey Neilson! Our own Dr. Neilson placed 1st in her age group at the Cowichan Challenge Triathlon at Fuller Lake in Chemainus! This was for the full distance, Read more
  • The Spinal Cord and How it Works
    Cool Video on the Spinal Cord and how it works. Have a look!Please see video here: https://youtu.be/zxpb1-okVig Read more
  • Congratulations to Patient Norm Joyce!
    Congratulations to Woodgrove Pines Clinic patient Norm Joyce! Norm and fellow teammates of the Parksville Thrifty Food Orcas won gold at the BC Senior Games (Aug 20 – 24, 2013) Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Saves Money... and Your Health!
    Did you know that a study done in 2002 looking at health-care costs among patients who utilized chiropractic (vs. those who did not), found that patients who included chiropractic in Read more
  • After the Crash!
    If you have been in a car crash you may have experienced the most common injury to the upper spine --- your neck. Common symptoms include joint pain, muscle pain, Read more
  • 25 Years of Service for Dr. Stacey Scott!
    Congratulations to Dr. Stacey Scott who received her 25 years of Chiropractic Service award recently! When asked how she felt about being a Chiropractor for 25 years Dr. Scott responded Read more


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