Prenatal Chiropractic

All of those aches and pains during pregnancy are worth it once you are holding your adorable newborn. While you know that you’ll need to make a few sacrifices over the upcoming months, this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. Pregnancy symptoms can often include back pain, migraines and other discomforts that we can address with our services at Woodgrove Pines Clinic in Nanaimo, BC. 


Is Chiropractic Care Safe during Pregnancy?

Since you received that positive pregnancy test, you are likely avoiding certain medications and activities that aren’t safe for your growing baby. While you might not be able to take many types of pain medicine, you still have options for feeling better. Prenatal chiropractic care involves methods that are natural and safe for you and your baby. Working with a chiropractor that is trained in these methods gives you safer options for finding relief. 

What Services Are Offered for Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

Carrying a developing baby is hard work, and you may begin to notice the strain at various points in your body. Pregnancy-related back pain often begins in the lower region of your spine, but conditions such as sciatica can send the pain shooting through your hips and legs.

Chiropractors assess your spinal alignment to look for areas where it can be improved. Gentle adjustments can help to realign the spine so that less pressure is placed on the nerves. You could also benefit from massage therapy, nutritional counseling and postural recommendations that all work together to help you address the reasons for your pain. 

Do You Continue Care after Delivery?

Many symptoms seem to magically go away after you deliver your baby. However, it is common for some people to continue to feel uncomfortable for months or years after having their baby. If your spine was out of alignment for nine months, then it’ll take time to go back to normal. There is also the possibility that your body has undergone some changes that continue to contribute to pain after delivery. For instance, you might still have some pregnancy-related weight gain that pulls on your spine. Or, you may still be using poor posture that adds too much of a curve to your spine.

Holding and carrying your newborn also strains your upper shoulder and neck in ways that you might not have experienced before. We often recommend continuing with care throughout the first postpartum year.

Consult a Pregnancy Chiropractor about Your Pain

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