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Work Injury Treatment in Nanaimo

Do you sit at a desk all day on the job? Or are you constantly moving, lifting, and running around? No matter what job environment you work in, stress on the mind and body can certainly be a result. From falling on the job to slouching over at your desk, causing injuries at work happens quite frequently.

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Luckily, the specialists here at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic specialize in treating work injuries and we can help ease the pain and discomfort. We have knowledgeable chiropractors who deal with a wide variety of work injuries, and we also have many services aimed at your specific needs. Keep reading to learn more about the common work injuries out there, including how our chiropractors can help!

Common Workplace Injuries

Here at the office, we commonly treat the following workplace injuries:

Text Neck

Text neck is a modern age term that deals with complications in the neck that are caused by looking down at our handheld devices. If you find yourself with neck pain and you’re constantly on your phone, then you may be experiencing text neck. The longer you go without treating this condition, the worse the pain and discomfort can become. That being said, it’s best to seek chiropractic care to help with pain and be sure to work on your posture as you’re using those electronic devices.

Slips and Falls

Another common workplace injury is slips and falls. Even at the common desk job, slipping and falling can happen. However, these situations tend to happen more frequently in warehouses, construction sites, and places where employees are constantly on the move. While these injuries are typically minor, they can be serious. If you are dealing with neck pain, back issues, or constant headaches due to a workplace injury, then we suggest visiting us for top-notch treatment.

Muscle or Ligament Strains

Our bodies are home to hundreds of ligaments and muscles that are constantly in use while on the job. And if we move in an awkward way or step on something, it can cause a strain in many different areas of the body. In addition, these ligaments and muscles are so complex, you could be dealing with pain or discomfort for years.

Repetitive Stress

Something else that can lead to headaches and muscle discomfort is stress. Depending on your job and life at home, stress can start to take over your life. It’s best to try to limit stress in order to stay healthy and pain-free.

Whether you are dealing with repetitive stress from the job or your work caused a neck injury, our chiropractic team in Nanaimo, BC is happy to help! We are happy to serve those in Nanaimo and the entire surrounding area. Call us today to make an appointment!

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