Acupuncture for Women's Issues

by Shannon VanMarrum – R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist)


As amazing as it can be to be a woman, there are often many health issues that can pose as roadblocks to enjoying the life we were gifted with. So many of these challenges are often either considered normal or left untreated simply due to lack of information, misinformation or taboo surrounding the subject. Numerous menstrual disorders such as PMS, painful periods, irregular and prolonged bleeding can be successfully helped using acupuncture, and usually in good time!  Menstrual cycles that are regulated through acupuncture, can morph into just another day in a woman's life instead of causing headaches, missed days of work due to menses, and painful trips to the ER to control abnormal blood loss. Just imagine the possibility of not having to go on strong meds in order to survive 1-2 weeks every month, which is viable with the right treatments.

Fertility (even during IVF) and pregnancy, and all the work that goes into conceiving and carrying a precious life, can also be helped with acupuncture.  From conception to term (with appropriately timed sessions, herbs and tuina), consider acupuncture as an excellent form of supplementary treatment to aid with all the associated matters that come with pregnancy, such as morning sickness, sciatica, induction, analgesia;  and  when a baby is born, lactation and quality milk production.

Common gynecological concerns can have a big impact on a woman's life. It is exciting to know that needling, moxa and herbs can be used to treat things like PCOS, Endometriosis, UTIs and Fibroids, just to name a handful.  Treatment results, which can begin to show in as early as a month, is such an amazing and rewarding experience as a practitioner.


Lastly, when the time of change finally starts its process in a woman's life it is a privilege to be able to share just how different stages can progress using custom made treatment plans that help bring and maintain balance, both physically and emotionally.  Insomnia, hot flashes, moodswings, joint pain, urinary incontinence and dry skin do not need to plague a woman for years after her flo stops, acupuncture offers help to all of the above conditions, sometimes bringing about more relief than hormone therapy.  With each woman having such a unique story it is so nice to be able to offer something that can help them, no matter what stage of life they are going through.

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