We value our patients' experience at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Stacey Scott

Justin M.
Best and only clinic I go to in Nanaimo. It’s been 3 years of searching and I found it. 3 different practitioners have tried to diagnose/solve my problem my lumbar back issue. Dag was the only one who got it and figured it out. Lydia is also a very in depth RMT, great for massage and mood. The front counter girls are always awesome and always make me feel welcome like I’ve known them for years!

Julie N.
I have been seeing Mark (Erickson D.C.) for a sore leg and limited mobility due to the pain. I have found him to be so personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He takes time to explain things to you and does not hesitate to suggest alternative procedures.

Laura G.
The staff have always gone above and beyond to be helpful. I have received massage, chiropractic, physio and shockwave. Regular massage keeps my neck and shoulder tension under control which eliminates the need for ibuprofen. Shockwave therapy prescribed by Dag (Ronhovde - Physio) effectively cured a chronic hip problem in 3-4 treatments.

Paul K.
Neck pain – constant pain prior to treatment. Turning head left was very restricted. Much improvement after first treatment by Dr. Derek Brown. He is definitely a big 10 as are the rest of the staff.

Doug B.
This year I have received several treatments from chiropractic, physiotherapy, rehab and naturopathic care. Thank you so much for all the professional care. The clinic has a fantastic team working together to make sure all your medical healing needs are met. Great job everyone. I love seeing the clinic growing in success as these types of services are needed, as it seems people will not slow down and learn to drive properly. I’m very interested in the new gym downstairs and love the fact that it is 24 hours. Thanks again for all the great service and care. PS. The vitamins are great quality and a nice touch to be able to buy here.

Barb C.
This year I have received several treatments from – chiropractic care, physiotherapy, rehab and I am so glad I made the decision to come here for treatments. Nanaimo is very fortunate to have this wellness clinic, highly recommend to anyone who asks me where did I go. I believe my recovery was faster due to all the care, compassion and professionalism from all the staff at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic. Thank you all so much.

It would have been nice if my doctor could have recommended me to your clinic from the beginning of my healing journey. Maybe Qualicum doctors need to know of all your services available. It is well worth the drive to receive such wonderful care.

Also the front desk staff always greets you by name and a smile and very accommodating when making appointments and trying to fit you in on a scheduled group of several appointments in the same day.
P.S. Appreciate the reminders by email. And most interested in seeing Marion for a weight loss plan, hopefully in the New Year.

Andrew P.
I first went to the clinic to see Mark Erickson (D.C.) – As I walked through the door I was greeted by a very happy bunch of gals at the front desk. Even when they take your money they are still happy.
My first time with Mark was awesome. I have lower back troubles all my life. Mark is now known to me as (Miracle) Mark. He said I should have decompression which I have had 4 times. To the gal’s in the (rack room) good sense of ha-ha and answered all my questions as they pulled, tied down straps as hard as they can with a big smile on their faces. Mark told me I should get orthotics for my feet. Went to Harris orthotics at the clinic again an awesome experience. Mark said I should have deep muscle massage so I went to Maria Kirkbride (ouch) but it works and results have been again awesome.
Whoever set this clinic up gets a big pat on the back from me. I have never had such a good experience in my life from such a happy crew. Thank you

Heather H.
Dr. Gisella is intelligent, kind, knowledgeable and understanding. She listens and knows what she’s doing! Thank you Gisella

Bill N.
All my life I have suffered from intense back pain. Ever since finding Woodgrove Pines and Dr. Erickson the pain has dulled and become manageable.

Lindy E.
One stop shop-I have had physio, massage and chiropractic services here. It is a benefit that the practitioners can consult each other on my particular issues and work together to improve what ails me. A special thank you to Dr. Ramon-Brown for her thoroughness and variety of techniques that helped a long time pain go away! Thank you so much, living is more fun now!

Cristina M.
Dr. Brown has been my chiropractor for more than 5 years and from intense shoulder pain to spine, he always manages to give relief if not immediately, he won’t stop until it is 100 % cured.
I have referred a lot of my friends and bosses to Derek Brown because I trust him.

Dale B.
Doing a fine job guys.

Joanne S.
After much hounding and nagging from my loved ones, customers and coworkers – I decided to give Woodgrove Pines a try. First visit to book my appointment was the biggest challenge ( I guess you can say I procrastinate when it comes to taking care of myself). 2nd visit, Dag gave me tools to be a stronger, better me. I’ll be back, teaching clients how to better manage and use what our mamma’s gave us – how can one deny such an offer? Thank you for giving me tools to live the best me.

Erin K.
Gisella (Ramon-Brown D.C.) is amazing! She cheers me up as soon as she enters the room and she always has my best interests in mind when she sets up a healing plan.

Dolly L.
Lovely visiting your clinic. Always feel better when I have my treatment. Thank you!

Adina K.
I came in this October barely able to walk because my back was out so bad that my legs were giving out. Your chiropractors adjusted me so I was able to walk upright again and function normally. They are my lifesavers.

Michelle D.
Therapy – personal trainer and massage
Staff were wonderful! Unique - holistic approach; mindfulness; very positive energy / healing
Would definitely refer others! Miracles do happen. Good health care and positive therapy facilities there.

Terrill M.
-friendly, professional and helpful staff at reception
-all staff willingly answer questions , deal with concerns in a knowledgeable, supportive manner
-Cameal (Sinclair - Physio) has a beautiful way of making patients feel comfortable and at ease. She explains what she is doing and why and addresses each concern/ question thoroughly
-Mike efficiently reponds to my concerns and provides suggestions to help me on my recovery journey

Sarah S.
I have seen Dr. Gisella Ramon-Brown and Dr. Mark Erickson and they have both been amazing in treating my back, neck and fibula. I only need to see them occasionally now for maintenance. They are amazing and gifted at how they can manipulate the body and make it better.

Misty W. 

The front desk staff are wonderful and welcoming here. I have recently started seeing Dr. Brown, and I am extremely happy with the results. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and he seems to really understand (and explains in understandable terms) what is happening with my treatments.

 Nancy C. 

I would like to say that I have never had such friendly, fun loving service. I am now a highly supportive customer of yours. I have told people about my experience here. I was scared at first about the laser treatment and now a true believer of it. Told my family doctor about this clinic and have recommended he come and take a visit/tour of your complex. 

Love you guys!

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