Physiotherapy for Full, Pain Free Health!

Our Goal is to provide you with the most Advanced Physiotherapy Techniques and Modalities to help your return to Full Pain Free Health.

Physiotherapy's focus is to develop, maintain and/or restore a person's maximum physical movement and functional ability throughout their lifespan. A Physiotherapist can help relieve your pain by assessing your physical condition, diagnosing the problem, and then working with you to develop a goal directed strategy for change. They provide valuable health care for people throughout their lives, from birth to old age.

Featured Services

Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy uses sound waves to activate the body's own healing powers in target areas of the body. The waves stimulate metabolism and enhance the blood circulation.   More Info

Corrective Orthotics
Improper foot support can lead to back pain and more. Using specialized equipment we record your walking and standing 'pressure patterns' and prescribe orthotic insoles made just for you.  More Info

Additional Services include: Injury Rehabilitation, Back Pain Treatment, Electrotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise.

A Physiotherapist can:

  • Alleviate pain, and facilitate healing with the aid of Electro Therapy techniques (Ultrasound, IFC, TENS, ETPS);
  • Prevent and treat sports and orthopedic injuries;
  • Restore and increase movement in joints;
  • Improve balance and re-train co-ordination following injury;
  • Educate clients in the safe use of walking aids;
  • Provide advice, prescribe, supervise and modify exercises to strengthen muscles and improve endurance;
  • Restore mobility and facilitate normal motor control in clients with neurological dysfunctions;
  • Provide manual therapy adjustments for spinal and peripheral joints;
  • Facilitate soft tissue massage and myofascial trigger point release;
  • Educate about dynamic muscle balance and core stability exercises;
  • Perform a wide range of tests to help locate the source of the problem and implement an appropriate treatment; and
  • Treat a wide variety of injuries and problems using many different techniques.


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