Herniated Disc Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Back pain is a common reason people visit their doctor. However, a primary care physician can't do much for these conditions other than refer you to a specialist. With some patients, they may only be able to recommend surgeries that won't have high percentages of success, prescribe pain medicine, and refer you to physical therapy. Our chiropractor at the Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic in Nanaimo can help with slipped disc pain relief without pills or surgery.   lower back and neck pain may suffer from a herniated or bulging disc issue.

An Overview of Disc Herniation 

A herniated disc occurs when one of the spinal cords’ discs, or soft, jelly-like cushions between each column, bulges, and begins rubbing against the nerves. These are also responsible for absorbing shocks and helping your movements stay fluid. Although many patients have no symptoms, sometimes these can cause issues that send people to seek medical treatment. The pain will be in your shoulder and arm for slipped discs near the neck area. For herniated discs in your lower back, the ache will appear closer to the buttocks, thigh, calf, and sometimes in part of the foot. Along with pain, these signs can include numbness, tingling, and weakness in your limbs closest to the herniation. For example, people with slipped cervical spines, numb and weak arms can cause them to drop items they're carrying. 

Slipped Disc Treatment 

Most signs will resolve on their own in a short time and require zero medical intervention. When that doesn't occur, and pain, weakness, and numbness persist, medical practitioners may recommend pain medications, including muscle relaxers and opioids or cortisone injections into the spine. Sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve the pain through disc removal and bone fusion. As mentioned, your doctor may recommend physical therapy to learn new positions and exercises that minimize the pain. For symptoms that continue to worsen or loss of bladder or bowel dysfunction, seek urgent medical care. 

How Your Chiropractor Can Relieve Your Pain

Your chiropractor can help relieve pain from a slipped disc without opioids or risky surgeries. After an examination of the spine, the doctor will advise if they can assist with discomfort through spinal manipulation. Potential techniques include pelvic blocking and flexion-distraction to re-center the disc carefully. The painless treatment helps reduce inflammation and improve movements. Your chiropractor will also work with you on stretching and exercises that can help relieve pressure and reduce pain, numbness, and weakness. Additionally, our office can combine chiropractic treatment with massage therapy for further relief. 

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