4 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

4 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is a common health complaint, and it can be caused by a number of things -- and sometimes it has no obvious cause at all. Most of the time, low back pain isn't serious or life-threatening, but the discomfort can range from distracting to excruciating. Here are four of the top causes of lower back pain we see at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic in Nanaimo.

1. A ruptured disc

The discs in your spine are made of a tough exterior and a jelly-like interior. Sometimes injury or trauma can cause the inner part of the disc to rupture. If the ruptured disc presses on a nearby nerve, persistent low back pain can be the result.

2. Sciatica

Your sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body. It runs down your spine and down the back of each leg. If pressure is exerted on the sciatic nerve, either through a misaligned vertebra or another structural issue in your back, it can cause burning or tingling lower back pain that radiates through your buttock and down your leg. 

3. Sprains and strains

Sometimes a minor injury can cause long-lasting back pain. Something as small as carrying groceries or playing pick-up basketball can leave you feeling achy in the days and weeks that follow (and you might not even realize that you injured yourself during physical activity). 

4. Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis occurs when your spinal column becomes narrower. It is often a natural result of aging. This condition can cause nerve pain as well as numbness in your back and legs.

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