Pain Management

Managing Pain Correctly

Pain is the body’s way of loudly stating that something is wrong. Whether that is an acute injury such as an open cut, a broken bone, or a cramping part of the digestive system, pain is a very effective communication tool the body uses to get attention and related response. The problem is, while we get the message something is wrong, loud and clear, the correct way to respond to the situation is confusing and sometimes completely unknown.

Finding Solutions is in High Demand

The medical field has been long familiar with pain, using it to gauge the extent of a problem as well as to confirm systems in the body are still working. Yet, when it comes to chronic pain that has to be managed and cannot be immediately eliminated, things get muddy. Where pain can’t be solved with an interventional approach, such as surgery or physical manipulation, then reliance often shifts to pharmaceuticals (i.e. drugs). But medicine typically only deals with the symptoms and not the cause; so, the pain of ends up coming back.

It's Not Just About a Pill for Pain Management

Proper pain management in chronic cases involves a combination of direct treatment, the correct application of pharmaceuticals temporarily, and life-changing behavior practices. This starts with the case-by-case approach of understanding the patient’s case versus just a case file and then crafting the right plan for that specific patient long-term. Most people just want immediate relief when they arrive at a medical office, but the real goal needs to be long-term reduction and adjustment, so the pain is not debilitation or life-stopping.

An Alternative to Drugs or Surgery

Chiropractic care can be a serious, real option for pain management and pain relief in some cases. The trick is to work with the right experts to determine if chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your situation. A Nanaimo chiropractor at Woodgrove Pines Clinic can easily help you decide how to go about your pain management. Remember, it's your life, so make the right decisions to enjoy your future instead of feeling captive to pain.

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