Back Pain FAQs

Back Pain FAQs

If you suffer from back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Whether your pain is from an injury or a chronic condition, chiropractic care may be able to help with pain relief. These FAQs from Woodgrove Pines Clinic in Nanaimo, BC provide more information about back pain and chiropractic back pain treatment.

What kinds of injuries cause back pain? 

Acute back pain is often caused by auto, workplace, or sports injuries which result in muscle strains, misaligned vertebrae and joints, and herniated discs. Slip and falls, poor posture, and chronic conditions can also cause back pain.

Why does my back pain go down my buttocks and leg?

Sciatica can start as low back pain and extend down your buttocks and leg due to a disc pressing on your sciatic nerve. This nerve extends from your back all the way down your leg.

What can I expect from my first chiropractic visit? 

The first step in chiropractic back pain treatment is an evaluation performed by our Nanaimo, BC chiropractor to diagnose your condition. We’ll review your medical history, ask questions about your injury or chronic condition, and perform a physical exam to pinpoint the cause of your pain so we can outline a plan for treatment.

How does chiropractic care help with back pain?

Depending on the cause of your pain, we may use chiropractic adjustments to realign bones and joints that have been shifted out of place due to your accident. This takes the pressure off of spinal nerves to relieve pain and restore range of motion. Adjustments may be combined with massage therapy to relax tense muscles and restore mobility. Massage therapy, acupuncture, and corrective exercises are complementary therapies that can help promote quicker healing.

How can I prevent back pain?

Maintaining good spinal alignment is key to managing back pain. A nutritious diet, regular exercise, and improved posture can help prevent back pain and improve your overall health.

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