Knee Pain FAQs

When you are experiencing knee pain, this can cause discomfort each time you sit, stand, or walk. Whether your pain derives from an injury or a disease like arthritis, is important to visit our chiropractors at Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, for treatment. We offer treatment plans that can reduce your discomfort without the need of medication or surgery. Before paying us a visit, learn about some common questions that arise when it comes to knee pain below:

Can osteoarthritis cause knee pain?

Your knee pain could be caused by osteoarthritis or arthritis, which causes wear and tear in the joints. The pain may also come from rheumatoid arthritis, however, it is less likely to cause symptoms.

Can injuries cause knee pain?

Many injuries can cause knee pain. Most of these are acute and heal quickly, but could also become chronic. An injured ACL, meniscus, or ligament are all common injuries that can cause knee pain. If these are not treated, they can limit mobility or require surgery.

Will knee pain go away on its own? 

Depending on the cause of the knee pain, some at-home treatments, such as heat and cold packs, stretches, and over-the-counter pain medications can ease discomfort. However, chronic pain from injuries or arthritis may temporarily go away but come back at a later time.

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If you are experiencing knee pain that is persistent or getting worse, our chiropractors at Woodgrove Pines Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, can do an evaluation and provide you with a customized treatment plan. Contact us at (250) 390-2003 to learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment. Our team is dedicated to helping your find long-lasting relief so you can enjoy the things you love without being hindered!

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