Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression

Here at the Woodgrove Pines Clinic in Nanaimo, we offer the latest in chiropractic care to patients with a wide variety of different conditions. One of the most popular treatments that we offer is called spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is a quick, safe procedure that can help patients suffering from various neck and back conditions. Read on to learn more about spinal decompression treatment and the conditions that this procedure can treat.


Conditions Treated

Spinal decompression therapy is often prescribed for spinal disk conditions. The various conditions that this method of treatment can be used for include bulging disks, herniated disks, and slipped disks. All of these related conditions are extremely painful and can be hard to treat with traditional methods. In fact, some traditional physicians will only prescribe addictive painkillers for people with these conditions. Spinal decompression therapy treats spinal disk conditions at the root of the problem. The spinal decompression process helps injured spinal disks heal more quickly and reduces pain. The process itself is very safe and quick.


The Spinal Decompression Process

Spinal decompression starts with a careful inspection from one of our chiropractors. They will determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment method and how exactly your spinal decompression therapy should be employed. The treatment itself is performed by one of our chiropractors using a device that has been designed specifically for spinal decompression. Our chiropractor will use this device to slowly stretch your spine. This relieves a great deal of pressure on your injured spinal disks. Once this pressure has been relieved, the circulation in this area will be greatly improved. This will help speed up the healing process.

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