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At Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic in Nanaimo, BC, we love helping our community members begin and stay on a path to wellness. We provide a wide variety of services so that we can meet the needs of each patient. Whether you are suffering from an injury or chronic pain, our experts will help you get back on the path to wellness. When you visit our facility, our Nanaimo chiropractor will create a treatment plan that works best for you.

Chiropractic Care 

The human spine supports your body and provides the pathways for nerve signals and blood flow. A significant injury or accident can lead to vertebrae misalignments that decrease mobility, change posture, and make it more difficult to perform day-to-day functions.

Chiropractic can include the following treatments: 

  • Spinal Stretching
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Electronic Pulse Stimulation
  • Range of Motion Therapy

We also provide pediatric chiropractic care.


Physiotherapy can help you heal after an injury, improve your sleep habits, alleviate chronic pain, and more. Our experts provide stretching and strengthening exercises and other therapies to improve your range of motion and help your body stay healthy.

Naturopathic Medicine

Natural treatment methods include botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation and traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture. Our Naturopathic Doctor also holds prescriptive authority in the province of British Columbia.

Massage Therapy

Targeted massage therapy is a technique that helps people recover from pain and injuries. Pain and injuries cause bodily stress. When you're experiencing pain, tension builds up in your muscles, which causes them to tighten and become stiffer, making the problem worse. 

Massage therapy increases blood flow and can reduce pain. Physical touch and pressure reduce muscle tightness by releasing natural chemicals from your brain into your bloodstream during these treatments.


Acupuncture helps relieve pain due to physical injuries, such as car accidents or sports injuries. Tiny needles are inserted into the body at precise points, increasing blood flow to affected areas and stimulating healing. It also causes relaxation, which can help with mental stress and anxiety. 


Soft-tissue injuries often come with long-term effects, such as chronic pain, limited mobility, and potentially mental health problems. Kinesiology is a chemical-free therapy that analyzes the way our bodies react to sensory stimuli. It can help determine imbalances and indicate methods of rebalancing the body for it to function optimally again.


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, involves applying pressure to specific points on your feet and hands, which then causes stress in other different areas of the body to reduce. Reflexology can relieve pain from swollen joints or scar tissue from old injuries. It's helpful in stress reduction and increasing blood circulation throughout the body.  

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