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Lise Rivard  

R.C.R.T Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

Lise is a talented Reflexology Therapist that aims to help her patients with overall health and wellness.  Her motto is “Health is Wealth”, her goal is to help you achieve optimum balance in your health and bring you back to homeostasis.  Her first knowledge of Reflexology occurred when she was just ten years old when her mother returned home from an appointment with a Reflexologist.  From such a young age Lise knew she wanted to aid people in their well-being.  Following this passion she began studying Foot Reflexology and became a Registered Reflexology Therapist for the feet in 2006. 

Patient feedback was so positive Lise was inspired to pursue further study in Hand Reflexology in 2008 and Ear Reflexology in 2010. Lise Rivard is a truly gifted practitioner who is constantly adding new elements to her practice, including ScalarWave Laser, singing bowls, and crystals.  

In 2013 Lise’s career took her to England.  She had a very successful practice for three years.  She was recognized by the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).  In 2016 she decided to make Nanaimo home.

The combination of Reflexology and ScalarWave Laser enhances the healing potential and pain relief making her treatments a memorable experience.  

Did you know that some extended health programs will cover Reflexology treatments?

Our Reflexologist, Lise Rivard is RCRT certified and can issue you a receipt to be submitted for reimbursement by your insurer.

The following is a list of participating insurers: Blue Cross, Canada Life, BFLCanada, Green Shield, Claims Secure, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Provider Connect, Rand Insurance, Sunlife, LEAGUE.

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance varies depending on contract. We cannot direct bill; rather, we will provide a receipt in which you can submit to your provider.


Reflexology is a natural, healing art, based on the principles that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to every part, glands and organs of the body. Through application of pressure of these reflexes, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural healing to occur in the related areas of the body. Reflexology is like a “tune-up” for the body, working from the inside out (internal massage).    

Pain in Cancer Survivors and People with Diabetes

Lise offers support to clients post chemotherapy for symptoms of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.  Chemotherapy drugs can damage nerves leading to numbness, pins and needles and severe pain in the feet and hands.  Peripheral neuropathy can also occur in people with diabetes in the feet and hands.

The treatment Lise provides helps support:

  • Increased blood flow;
  • Stimulate the small nerve fibre that become damaged as a result of chemotherapy drugs; and
  • Decrease brain-based pain by following a biopsychosocial model of pain.

Unwind to Health with ScalarWave Lasers!

What is a cold laser? The QuantumWave cold laser is a medical device that is cleared by Health Canada, FDA, and CE for pain relief, inflammation, arthritis, circulation, and the relaxation of tissue. ColdWave lasers are also known as low level or soft laser. These lasers do not produce heat and therefore are used safely and painlessly. The lasers have ScalarWave technology built into them, which provides unique features that assist with one's healing.

How can it help me? The goal is to stimulate cellular energy to regenerate cells. The Scalarwave technology used in QuantumWave lasers supports healing in 3 ways: First, these lasers donate healing light energy or photons to cells, which regenerate and rebalance the cells to a healthy state. A second unique feature is that the laser interrupts cellular memory by not transferring the established sick and unhealthy information to any new healthy cells. A third amazing benefit of the Scalarwave laser is that it dissolves and unwinds the body and mind to attain a deep relaxed state facilitating the body to do what it is designed to do – heal!

Healing Applications 

ScalarWave Lasers promote healing in the following areas:

  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Stiffness
  • Circulation Relaxation of Tissue
  • Stress 


Registered Canadian Foot Reflexology Therapist; 2006
Reiki; Usui Shiki Ryoho, 2008
Registered Canadian Hand Reflexology Therapist; 2008
Registered Canadian Ear Reflexology Therapist; 2010
Reflex Master: Managing Pain with Reflexology; Pain in Cancer Survivors, 2019
Advanced Circulation Lower Leg Training, 2020

Ask Lise how Reflexology and ScalarWave treatment can help you!


“Lise provides so much healing energy it must be experienced to understand. When I approached Lise I had trouble walking due to pain and uncomfortable sensations in my feet. I had been diagnosed with severe neuropathy and charcot foot and was told by doctors that I had to live with it. I looked at foot amputation and was dissuaded by Lise to try out reflexology and am I happy I did. Now almost 2 years later I am walking and can enjoy my grandchildren, the pins and needle sensation has diminished greatly, and phantom pains are down to every so often rather than every couple of hours. The warmth, support and understanding she has provided allows me to strongly recommend her healing methodology. Thank you” -Geoff Lindorff

“I like to visit Lise for a monthly 'tune up'. I find reflexology helps with my overall well-being. The sessions are relaxing, soothing and informative. Lise's healing hands have helped with my knee injury, Achilles tendon injury and sleeping well for a couple of nights following my treatment. I always look forward to my time with Lise.” -Kathy Lowe 

“Lise' claim to help post cancer recovery is very true.  She has been of tremendous help in my recovery from CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).   I highly recommend her.”  -Chris Potter

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