2010 Olympic Memories

As I am watching the closing ceremonies of this year’s Olympics in Sochi I am almost surprised at how deeply it stirs my own memories of my experience in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It truly was (is) an amazing experience for all who participate; athletes, organizers and of course the medical team, of which I was incredibly privileged to be a part of. And the feeling it brings back to me is just as strong now as it was then.

It is hard to believe that it has been four years since I was part of the IOC’s medical team up at Whistler. How fun it was to see all the athletes and venues of this year’s games as it brought back such fond memories! I think the biggest thing I took away from my own experience was how gracious and humble all the athletes we treated were, as well as my fellow medical team members. It would be wonderful if all individuals could be handled so cooperatively in a medical model where every single medical profession worked hand-in-hand together. This year’s games continued to set the example by carrying on that tradition.

Not only did I have the privilege of working with such highly educated individuals that were all inclusive, fun, kind and humble; I will forever remember that time with fondness, especially this year as I cheered on our Canadian athletes that have worked so hard and achieved so much. I give thanks and appreciation for the individuals behind the scenes who donated so much of their time to make this year’s games to be, of which I am certain, was a memorable experience for all. And I know, because I am still feeling it myself!

With gratitude, Dr. Stacey Scott D.C.(Hon), F.R.C.C.S.S.(C)

Dr. Stacey Scott - Olympics

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