Active Release Therapy and the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon!

Dr_Scott_completes_Tinkebell_RunDespite Dr. Stacey Scott's great showing in today's Tinkerbell Half-Marathon, it's also important to note that Dr. Scott had a foot injury a few weeks back; it was a subluxated cuboid bone and today at the end of the race it was re-injured.

Dr. Scott performed some Active Release Therapy on it and taped it, but it needed to be adjusted too and she just couldn't do it herself. Being resourceful, she showed Marion of Woodgrove Pines Clinic (also down at the run helping to promote the clinic) and explained to her how to do the adjustment, to which she performed perfectly. Now, Dr. Scott's ankle is about 50 percent better!

Dr_Scott_Injured_Ankle_Tinkerbell_Run"I will apply Laser Therapy when I return to the clinic, along with another adjustment, but for now I am already walking way better" exclaimed Dr. Scott, "It's important to mention this because I think it's something all runners could benefit from. Anyone for that matter!"

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