Pacific Sport VI Athletes Receive Bursaries!

20 of Vancouver Island’s high performance athletes received over $12,000 in bursaries; including $10,000 from PacificSport and an additional $2,000 from Woodgrove Pines Clinic, at a ceremony on Thursday May 5, 2016 at Oliver Woods Community Centre in Nanaimo.

Four athletes each received a $500 bursary from Woodgrove Pines Clinic; those athletes were Erin Burrett, Sarah Goodman, Hannah Tuplin and Alison Grecht.

“Our balanced approach for PacificSport includes specialized high-performance training and therapeutic services like chiropractic, massage therapy and physiotherapy,” says Dr. Stacey Scott, Woodgrove Pines Clinic.

“The partnerships PacificsSport has with sport-focused businesses such as Woodgrove Pines is critical to our success,” says Drew Cooper, General Manager- PacificSport. “Together we truly do ‘Power Sport’ on Vancouver Island.”

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