Natural Immune support for protection against viral infections.


Dr Stacey Neilson, ND offers a homeopathic Immune system booster injection. Its consists of a blend of homeopathic ingredients which strengthen your body's Natural Immune response when facing infectious invasion. Clinical studies have found these medicines effective in preventing flu and reducing severity and duration of an infection. It can also be administered orally for children and needle shy adults. 

IV Vitamin C therapy for enhancing immune system function 
Vitamin and Mineral nutrient blends such as anti-viral IV Vitamin C  and Meyers IV can offer significant immune support and assist in preventing and treating viral infections. Studies have  shown that vitamin C at sufficiently high doses can prevent viral disease and greatly speed recovery from an acute viral infection. Patients notice improved resistance to infections as well as enhanced energy and well being.  

Vitamin D supplementation can help protect against colds, flus and lung infections. 2000 IU /day consistently will be beneficial however much higher dosages may yield more benefit. Vitamin D testing is available to ensure safe target dosage for your body. 

Dr. Neilson can also help recommend immune promoting and infection fighting botanical and nutritional supplementation available based on what she has seen to be the most effective in her 18 years of practice. 

Call our clinic today for more information on how Dr. Neilson can help support you and your family's immune systems.

Important Note for New Patients: New Patients only wanting immune protection appointments need to book a 20-minute initial appointment (current initial cost plus the cost of the IV or injection). 


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